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Dartford Roof Cleaners can remove debris, moss and lichen growing on your roof, if you have damp showing at the top of your walls or ceilings then it is wise to eliminate a full gutter as the cause. We know from experience that the debris and moss that quickly accumulates on your roof will eventually fill up your guttering and block your down pipes causing a mini dam so the rain water will find its way into your property .

Dartford roof cleaners are able to clean bungalow roofs, semi and detached roofs, terraced houses and commercial buildings. We offer a free gutter clean and downpipe flush with every roof clean, plus we always leave your property neat and tidy.

Methods of Roof Cleaning in Dartford

Normally your north facing roof will have more moss accumulate, so we will start here, we will scrape all the moss from the roof bringing it all down to the gutter line, ensuring the down pipes are closed off so they do not get blocked. This process generally takes the most amount of time. We bag up all the moss and remove from site. The next step will be to give the roof a good brush off to make sure no scraps of debris are left. Finally we will treat the roof to a biocide,this will kill off any lichen and other organic growth, we apply this with a low pressure spray, again brush it in so we have a good even coverage. We finish the job with a good rinse, and hey presto your roof is nice and clean and moss free, no need to clear your gutters for some time to come.

It is normally quite a messy job cleaning roofs, with all the moss coming down into the gutters, the method we use to clear the moss is the gutter vacuum. Everything is sucked straight into the Vacuum, no mess. We will be more than happy to provide you with a no-obligation quote to clean your roof. We offer an after-clean video of your guttering to give you peace of mind that everything is clear.

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