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Looking for a reliable window cleaner in Dartford?

We provide a Reach and Wash Window Cleaning and Conservatory and soffit cleaning service and Fascia cleaning service. Dartford window cleaners are able to clean school windows, office windows, restaurant windows, whole blocks of flats and retail park windows, houses and commercial buildings and some residential.

​​Window Cleaning Methods

Using ladders to clean windows has been a method window cleaners have used for years in Dartford, but there not safe, its only a matter of time before an accident happens, so this why the reach and wash method growing in popularity, its safer and quicker.

The Reach and Wash method of cleaning windows is a great idea, because we are able to reach and clean windows that are normally inaccessible, ie windows above conservatory roofs, skylights, and windows beyond the reach of ladders. Obviously it goes without saying its a much safer way than using ladders, plus all the frames and ledges get a good wash down. We produce Ionised water at our base, all the solids and impurities are removed so the water we transfer to our on board tanks is pure and naturally absorbs the dirt and grime on your windows.

Most people we speak to are unaware of their liability if the window cleaner falls from there ladder whilst cleaning there windows, I know its crazy and probably unlikely that the window cleaner is aware he could successfully claim against the customer but it could happen, plus its distressing to deal with an injured person on our property, so for that reason alone the reach and wash method is the best choice.

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How often Should my windows be cleaned?

​Monthly, semi monthly, its really up to you and your budget, some chose semi weekly, some 6 monthly. We recommend monthly and insides quarterly.

​So drop Dartford Window Cleaners a line and hopefully we will be able to help, by the way you do not have to commit to a regular clean, just as when suits you. Fill out the box below or text your address to 07791 465052 or email us reachnwash@gmail.com we can look on street view and submit a quote, very quickly and easily. For window cleaning services to schools in the Dartford borough we recommend a company we are affiliated with School Window Cleaners


Our Services

We also provide a gutter cleaning service in Dartford plus UPVC soffit and fascia cleaning, we can get these looking like new again.

Methods and Services

Reach and Wash Ladderless method
Conventional Hand held window cleaning
Gutter Cleaning
End of Tenancy Cleaning
Cladding Cleaning
Sofitt Cleaning
Fascia Cleaning
Jet Washing
Grounds Maintenance
Blocks of Flats Maintenance

Window Cleaning
Frames & Ledges
Fascia Cleaning
Soffits Cleaned
Conservatory cleaning
UPVC Cleaned and restored
Gutter Cleaning
Roof Moss removal and Biocide treatment
Jet Washing

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Dartford window cleaning service

“We can reach and wash windows that other window cleaners cannot reach”



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